3 Things Home Buyers Wanted in 2019 

top realtorsThe housing market has ebbs and flows, as do the trends that homes see. In the 1970s, homes had bright yellow carpets and hot tubs in bathrooms. The 1990s saw much of rainbow paints and carpets everywhere.

The last few years have brought many new trends. The newest phase that is passing through homes all across the nation is the modern look. Neutral colors are being used, hard wood floors are everywhere, and people want more bathrooms than they have family members. 

Updated Kitchens
All the top realtors know luxury kitchens are all the rage nowadays. People are stepping away from take out and fast food to get more into cooking. Updated cabinets and appliances, along with loads of counter spaced seemed to be key features that sold many homes. A huge motivator behind this is that many home buyers from 2019 were trying to be budget-conscious. They know how much it costs to update a kitchen, so they wanted a house that already had one.

Large Master Suites
Many couples over the past year were looking for a spa-like oasis for their master suite. Getting away and relaxing is very important for the home. People don't want to pay for vacations because, again, many homeowners are thinking about their budget, so they need to feel like their master suite is their own mini vacation. Soaker tubs, large, updated showers, and double vanities were very popular bathroom features.

Open Floor Plans
The real estate market may never get away from hearing this term. It seemed that home buyers were completely obsessed with having an open floor plan last year, and it's likely not going to change anytime soon. This is the opposite trend that the housing market as seen for years, because up until the early 2000s, houses were built to be very separated and closed off. Young families want to be able to see their kids in every room, as well as be a part of the party when they're entertaining.

Top realtors will be able to help you find the home of your dreams. Over 84% of recent home buyers stated that their real estate agent was a helpful source of information. They stay up to date on all the current trends in the housing market, so you can get just what you want with ease.
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