Three Signs You've Found Your Dream Home

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You've spent hours online looking at homes for sale, spent many weekends touring homes and attending open houses, and you've found some contenders. But how do you know which home is the home?

Recognizing your dream house when you see it isn't always easy. If you notice yourself responding to a potential home in these three ways, get out your checkbook, because you might have found the one:

You Feel Like You Own It Already

If you walk into a property and immediately feel welcome, this home might be the one for you. While a stranger's bathroom or closets might give you the creeps, the home that feels like it's already yours won't make you uncomfortable at all. If it seems like you've known this house for years, or if you want to tear down the “for sale” sign prematurely, you probably have found a place that will make you happy for years to come.

The House Has No "Deal-Breakers"

Working with a real estate agent services and looking at dozens of houses for sale has a way of solidifying your likes and dislikes. You probably already know that you hate jack and jill baths, or that a big, high-maintenance yard is a personal no-go for you. If you find a house that doesn't trigger any of your pet peeves, take a good long look. Though you might not feel excited yet, just wait. A house that completely lacks annoying qualities might turn out to be the house you've always wanted. 

Other Houses No Longer Interest You

Working with Realtors and going house hunting can be exhausting, and some days, you might just feel like giving up. However, finding a house for sale that makes all other candidates pale in comparison can also tempt you into abandoning your search. If one home, in particular, is on your mind, and you’d rather look at pictures of that house than other homes for sale, it might be time to end the search and make an offer. 

Once You've Found the One

Don't wait too long to make an offer! Up to 78% of recent home buyers agree that real estate agent services are a useful source of information. Ask for offer-making and negotiating advice from a real estate agent to get the ball rolling, and close the deal on the house of your dreams.

Finding the perfect home can happen immediately, or it can take months. Try to be patient. If you feel your buyer’s instincts kicking in these three ways, you’ll know your search is over.

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